Lakeway Newcomers (LN) Bylaws


Revised June 23, 2021

Article I
This organization shall be known as the Lakeway Newcomers (LN) and Lakeway Newcomers Alumni. The common names are Newcomers and Alumni. Newcomers and Alumni will conduct both separate and joint events. This document pertains only to LN.

Article II
Civic: To promote interest in our community and the many advantages it has to offer.

Social: To extend a friendly and neighborly helping hand to all newcomers by introducing them to others like themselves and starting them on a new social life in this, their community.

Article III
Membership and Dues

Section 1. Members may be any resident of the City of Lakeway, Lakeway ETJ (Extra Territorial Jurisdiction), or The Village of the Hills. The Board of Directors, on a case by case basis, may grant membership for other reasons not covered in these Bylaws.

A guest of a member may attend a maximum of two meetings/functions, accompanied by that member, provided any event fees are paid by or on behalf of the guest. The spouse of an LN member cannot be considered a guest.

If active members allow their membership to lapse, they may be reinstated after sitting out one full year following the year they did not renew.

If a properly admitted member moves outside of Lakeway, the ETJ or the Village of the Hills, they may continue to be a member of LN as long as their dues remain current. If their dues lapse, they must requalify as any new member would.


Section 2. Release Form. All members are required to agree to and sign the LN’s personal release form on an annual basis.

Section 3. Dues, Fiscal Year. The fiscal year shall be February 1 through January 31 the following year. Annual dues shall be set or reaffirmed in October by the Board of Directors on a per person, per year basis annually and are due for payment between December 1 and December 31st of the preceding year.

Members will be considered delinquent if payment is not received by January 31st of the new year. If an eligible resident joins in October, November, or December, dues for the remainder of the year will be waived and dues will be prepaid for the upcoming year. Money collected from members shall be solely for the benefit of LN.


Article IV

Board of Directors

Section 1. Board of Directors. The Board of Directors shall be comprised of the following:

  • President
  • Treasurer/Vice President
  • Recording Secretary
  • Directors:
  • Socials and Special Events
  • Newsletter and Communications
  • Membership
  • Technology
  • Welcoming, Care and Concern


The Immediate Past President is a non-voting member of the Board of Directors and serves as Parliamentarian.

Section 2. Quorum. Fifty-one percent (51%) of the Board of Directors’ positions shall constitute a quorum at any Board meeting. Each Board position gets one (1) vote.

Section 3. Term of Office. The Board of Directors shall take office effective February 1. Officers shall serve for one year. No officer shall serve in the same position more than two consecutive terms without the approval of the Board of Directors.

Section 4. Duties. The Board of Directors shall supervise all activities of LN and define the activity groups to be affiliated with LN.

The Board of Directors is empowered to consider, approve, or disapprove all motions relating to LN at a legally constituted meeting of the Board, provided no action is taken contrary to the policies and/or Bylaws of LN. These Bylaws may be amended by a two-thirds vote of the Board of Directors.

No action shall be taken on a motion to commit LN to any matter until it has been considered and acted upon by the Board of Directors.

The Board has the authority to make decisions on behalf of the membership, including the eligibility for potential new members to join LN if there is a questionable issue.

Section 5. Board Meetings. The President may call meetings of the Board of Directors at any time, giving reasonable advance notice. At a minimum, meetings will be held quarterly.

Individual Board members may request that the President call a meeting for a specific agenda item.

Any member may bring an issue or suggestion to the Board of Directors for consideration.

A joint meeting of the outgoing and incoming Boards of Directors shall be held after the new Board of Directors takes office and before the next social event. The Board has the right to call a general meeting if necessary. When feasible, the Board will provide general business updates at the beginning of social events. In that case, such updates shall constitute a general meeting.


Article V

Duties of Officers

Section 1. The President shall:

  • Preside at all meetings of LN
  • Call and preside over all meetings of the Board of Directors
  • Appoint any Ad Hoc Committees
  • Sign all contracts or designate which Board member will sign

Section 2. The Treasurer/Vice President shall:

  • Receive and dispense all money
  • Reconcile monthly debit, check, and bank account records
  • Keep financial records to be audited at year-end by the new Treasurer, including event reports
  • Prepare monthly and annual financial reports for inclusion in the minutes
  • Ensure appropriate tax returns are filed
  • Maintain a post office box as an official address for LN
  • Manage an insurance policy for LN
  • Maintain any executed contracts
  • Preside in the absence of the President


Section 3. The Recording Secretary shall:

  • Maintain the records of LN for three years
  • Keep and make available the minutes of meetings
  • Provide the President with a copy of approved minutes from the previous month’s board meeting

Section 4. Director of Socials and Special Events

  • Coordinate and serve as the liaison to the Board of Directors for their ideas and concerns
  • Supply meeting information to the Director of Newsletter and Communications for the newsletter and media announcements in a timely manner
  • Manage the special events held as monthly meetings

– Coordinate and assist hosts as needed
– Appoint co-hosts as greeters at each function
– Purchase and deliver required supplies to each general meeting
– Submit a financial report to the treasurer for each event

  • May appoint a team to assist with planning and coordinating socials and special events
  • Prepare printed name tags for each social



Section 5. Director of Newsletter and Communications shall:

  • Prepare and provide monthly newsletter information for distribution to the membership. Newsletter distribution will be the same day of each month, and that day of the month will be set by the Director of Newsletter and Communications.
  • Send out reminders for special events and announcements of interest to LN members


Section 6. The Director of Membership shall:

  • Be in charge of welcoming newly admitted members
  • Update membership lists monthly with members paying dues
  • Organize and coordinate all membership recruiting efforts
  • Provide membership application and release forms to prospective members
  • Deliver dues collected to the Treasurer.
  • Report membership updates and inquiries at all meetings
  • Collect and maintain member application and release forms for all members for three years including the current year
  • Supply information to activity chairpersons, as needed
  • Send separate notices in November through January to all members advising them that release forms and annual dues are payable prior to January 1st


Section 7. Director of Technology shall:

  • Manage and update the LN website to communicate information to active and prospective members to include current and upcoming events, activities, a secured membership directory, membership application, LN Bylaws, officer list, and other information as directed by the LN President and Board of Directors
  • Maintain website security
  • Manage URL, hosting agreements, and ensure associated fees are paid
  • Communicate issues to Board of Directors and members as appropriate
  • Post monthly newsletter and archive the previous month’s newsletter



Section 8. Director of Welcoming, Care and Concern shall:

  • Welcome new members and assist with their integration into the LN membership
  • Extend a personal welcome to each new member via phone or email
  • Provide introductions to other new members and current members at social events
  • Create one or more social event(s) to introduce and acquaint new members with other new members and the Board of Directors
  • Provide a reserved table(s) dedicated to new members at appropriate events with at least one Board of Directors member seated as well.
  • Care & Concern’s goal is to reach out to members who are seriously ill, hospitalized, injured or have had a death in the family to express LN’s support with a card on behalf of LN membership
  • Send names of members who have received cards to the Director of Newsletter and Communication as required by the Director for timely newsletter publication


Article VI
Nominations and Elections
Section 1. Nominations. The President and Board of Directors shall recruit and compile a slate of candidates for the upcoming term, by methods such as email solicitations, recruiting at socials, sending out a notice of interest, or other means as deemed appropriate.

Section 2. Election of Officers. In mid-November, the Director of Communications will send out the ballot via email to LN members. Space will be provided for write-in candidates. Member votes are to be directed to the Parliamentarian.

To serve as LN President, the candidate should have served at least one year on the Board of Directors.

The newly elected board and appointed committee members will be presented during the month of December at either the December social or via email.

Section 3. Vacancy. A vacancy in any office during that term of office shall be named by the President and approved by a majority vote of the Board of Directors.

Article VII

Section 1. A general meeting called by the President will be held as appropriate at a minimum of once per year. The meeting could be held at a social gathering and, when necessary, a business meeting.

Section 2. Members or guests of LN shall not make special interest, commercial, or political solicitations at any meeting or activity. The Directory is published for the exclusive use of the membership and shall not be used for special interest, commercial, or political solicitations.

Article VIII
Activity Groups

The established activity groups shall elect a chairperson and, if necessary, one co-chairperson or the President may appoint the chairperson.

The chairperson of each activity group (such as Bunco, Out to Lunch, Dining Out, Golf, Lakeway Cinema Group) submits information to the Director of Newsletter and Communications as required by the Director for timely newsletter publication.


The activity chairperson should verify their members are current LN members via the membership list provided by the Director of Membership.

Ideas for new activity groups shall be proposed to the Board of Directors for approval. Each proposed activity group must have an agreed upon chairperson submitted along with their proposal.

Article IX
Infractions and Discipline

LN may suspend, expel or otherwise discipline any member, or one or more of the member’s family, for committing any violation of these Bylaws or the Rules and Regulations, for conduct unbecoming a Member, for any offense against the best interests of LN or for other good and sufficient cause as determined by the Board of Directors. Such conduct shall include but is not limited to the following:

  1. Obscene language, screaming, gesturing or laughing at any member or guest of the LN
  2. Behavior that brings LN or any individual member into disrepute
  3. Alcohol or drug related problems
  4. Intimidating, threatening or violent behavior
  5. Willful damage to property

Suspension. No portion of dues or fees previously paid by a suspended member shall be refunded or prorated. During the period of suspension, the member and his or her family shall have no right or privileges to participate in LN activities. A suspension may be lifted at such time as the Board of Directors is assured that any violations will not be repeated.

Procedure for Infractions and Discipline. A written notice shall be prepared and mailed to the Member describing the violation, noting all parties involved, and specifying the action taken by the Board of Directors.

Revocation. A membership may be revoked and the rights of any person or persons entitled to participate in LN activities may be terminated for conduct unbecoming a member, for any offense against the best interests of LN, for committing certain infractions as specified above, or for other good and sufficient cause.

Procedure for Revocation. A written notice of revocation shall be delivered by mail to the terminated member. Upon revocation, the member shall thereafter have no rights or privileges to participate in LN activities.

Hearing Following Suspension or Revocation. The following procedures shall be made available by the Board of Directors in order that suspended members or members who have had their membership revoked may be afforded an opportunity to have their situation reviewed by the Board of Directors and all circumstances taken into account:

  1. The member may request a review hearing, which will be held before the Board of Directors. The Member’s request for a hearing must be delivered to the Board within fifteen (15) days following the date upon which the Board mails the notice of suspension to the Member; and
  2. The review hearing will be conducted within thirty (30) days from the date that Member’s request for the hearing is delivered to the Board. In the event a resolution is not reached, the decision of the Board of Directors is final and binding.

Reinstatement. A request for reinstatement may be honored, at the Board of Directors’ discretion.

Standing Rules

The LN directory is for members’ personal use only. No unauthorized or commercial use of the directory by a member or a non-member is permitted.

The membership application will include a statement that the applicants(s) live in the City of Lakeway ETJ as identified on the City of Lakeway web site listing of eligible streets or The Village of the Hills.

Members inadvertently admitted who do not live within the City of Lakeway, the ETJ boundary, or The Village of the Hills, will be notified that they were ineligible to join LN, will be reimbursed the dues, and will not be permitted to renew their membership. Should such ineligible members later move to within any of the allowed jurisdictions stated in this article, they would qualify to apply as a New Member in accordance with these bylaws.

The Membership Directory shall include member information such as: names, addresses, phone numbers, email, where members moved from, and the year in which they joined LN. The Directory shall also include the current version of the Bylaws and a listing of LN officers. Additional information may also be included.


The Membership Directory shall be maintained on the secure portion of the LN website and updated monthly. The Director of Membership will provide a list of current members who have paid dues to all activity chairpersons and the Director of Technology no later than the end of February. Non-renewing members will be removed from the email lists for activity notices.