"What we love to do and why!"
About Lakeway Newcomers Club
Civic Mission
To promote interest in our community and the many advantages it
has to offer.
Social Mission
To extend a friendly and neighborly helping hand to all newcomers by
introducing them to others like themselves and starting them on a
new social life in this, their community.

On June 3, 1964, the Lakeway Yacht and Country Club (LYCC) was formed to provide social activities and
facilities for the members.  In the late 1970's and early 1980's Lakeway's population underwent a growth
spurt.  As our community grew, so did the task of informing new residents of available social and volunteer
opportunities and acquainting them with the area's resources.  Stepping up to the task, LYCC sponsored a
semi- annual "Newcomer Reception."

Lakeway had grown from a small village where everyone knew your name, to a city of over 7500 residents in
1996.  It was decided  LYCC  form a club to welcome new residents.  Sponsored by LYCC, the Newcomers
Club was formed in October 1966; Interest in Newcomers was immediate and enthusiastic.  Newcomers Club
had become a reality and continues to grow.  Newcomers continue to be a part of Lakeway.


Helen Priddy                                  1997-1998                                                                       
Jan Viska                                        1998-1999                        Bill & Melinda Duryee                     2005-2006
Miki Carson                                    1999-2000                        Mike & Pat Hydanus                       2006-2007
Larry Burmeier                               2000-2001                        Tom and Ty Brewer                        2007-2008
Tom & Janice Armstrong             2001-2002                        Doug and Karen Vaughn              2008-2009
Ward & Barbara Beebe                2002-2003                        John & Katie Levy                           2009-2010
Searcy & Deane Willis                  2003-2004                        Mike & Pat Hahn                             2010-2011
George & Barbara Kimes            2004-2005  
                 Rod & Mary Ann Kelly                    2011-2012
Golf, Day Trippers, Poker, Bunco, Out to Lunch Bunch, Dining Out,
Club Socials, Hiking, Explorer Group, Special Events, Fellowship